You can do it! Just get started,

If your effort is wholehearted,

There’s nothing dreamt that you can’t do,

If to your dreams you remain true.


But what happens on that awful day,

The laws of physics come into play?

You can’t leap a tall building in a single bound,

Or stop a speeding bullet — at least not the second round.


Can everyone be the C.E.O.?

Can everyone make a pile of dough?

Can everyone be a famous rockstar?

Is it just inner drive that gets you that far?


What good does it do for the ninety percent,

Whose maximum effort doesn’t make even a dent?

If you “can do anything” and yet you don’t,

Doesn’t this make you kind of a goat?


No wonder that children, as they grow up,

Are mad when they achieve runner-up.

You wonder why children are up to no good?

They’ve all been lied to since childhood.


If you had the power to be a big deal,

Yet failed miserably, how would you feel?

Over and again you aim for apogee,

But everyone else has the same strategy.


Instead of being happy with life’s little wins,

By twelve kids believe they are already has-beens.

By piling their heads everyday with this crap,

Of course by eighteen they’re ready to snap.


How about if we tell kids it’s alright to be,

Warm, fed, loved, happy and healthy?

Do something productive that you enjoy,

To receive life’s resounding “attaboy”.