Sometimes trash is trash, not something bigger,
Not everything seen must be a trigger.

Most of us don’t, when we spot some litter,
Express outrage by posting on Twitter.

We know the Indian in the commercial would cry,
But this didn’t mean you’re all going to die.

It’s only ’cause of the Pax ‘mericana,
We can be roiled by a banana.

We learned from Comy that intent is required,
But you’d better apologize for what just transpired.

You meant no harm, you tell people persuadable,
In fact, it was even biogradable!

Daily do millions repeat your crime,
But you were at the wrong place and wrong time.

Prostrate yourself for millions to view,
Or your life will be over at twenty-two.

Let’s play a requiem adagio,
Welcome to Gulag Archipel-ego.