I stand in the crowd, a new conferee,
Took me five years, but a four-year degree!

Heading out in the world, I guess I must get,
A position somewhere, and then my Corvette.

Post my rez online, that’s where to begin,
And wait while the high-paying offers pour in.

No offers arrive, I have no placement,
I’m stuck living here in my mom’s basement.

She makes me do chores – I hate enslavement,
It’s finally time to “pound the pavement.”

Trying for hours, I finally see,
One small business owner – “will you hire me?”

The boss, he laughs without apology,
At my degree in sociology.

“What can you do?” he asks pointedly,
I couldn’t take that job, he was so mean to me.

I have value, I know, let me be clear,
My parents and teachers said it year after year.

Someone on TV, oh the impropriety!
To call me a drain on society.

So online I go, and I order a mask,
I’ll protest, really take them to task!

I return to my campus, the walls to deface,
I’ll show I have value by trashing the place.

I pick up a bat, then plant a bomb.
“Kill all the haters!” I say with aplomb.