What we can say, and what words we can not,
The rules are contrived, like a Gordian knot.

Intercourse, feces, and the ‘n-word’,
Their alternate versions must never be heard.

Discomforting ideas we all must disbar,
Well, no, it really depends who you are.

Call women ‘ho’ or ‘bitch’ or just slap her,
Is only okay if you are a rapper.

Movies with killing and raping — just fine!
As long as you’re liberal the rest of the time.

Words often repeated in movies R-rated,
Mouthed in a speech and you’ll be berated.

Praise a movie or play because its “authentic,”
But feign shock at real life? Are you pathogenic?

It’s okay (in art) to behead the president,
As long as he’s polling less than fifty percent.

But “target” a district in an advertisement?
We’ll have to take that under advisement.

Misjudge these rules, not enumerated,
And you’ll be metaphorically castrated.

When did comfort become more important than right?
The world is not filled with sweetness and light.

Facts are discomfitting, the world’s in decay.
There are no safe spaces, I’m sorry to say.

Whiny people are what I really abhor,
So get out of here, and “shut the front door.”

Image: www.tasteofcinema.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/1984-movie.jpg