A few days ago, I was watching CBSN (the CBS online streaming news channel). There was a reporter down on the beach somewhere in Florida, dressed in full rain gear, showing us how terrible the weather was due to the incoming hurricane.

While he was talking, two guys in swim suits enter the shot behind him, and start jumping into the surf.

Then, a man and woman move through the shot from right to left, out on the beach for a run.

And all this time, the reporter is standing there in his rubber rain gear, reporting how terrible it is down there.

CBSN re-runs a lot of it’s content, so I don’t know if this was live. If it was being replayed, consider the message they’re sending: The world is as we say it is; don’t be distracted by those people behind me.


Source: http://i39.tinypic.com/34i5tzb.jpg